Hello - I'm Katrina and I'm an Ohio artist and designer.

Here's a little more about me and my art in case you are curious!

I am a full time artist and paint art and create designs that are

internationally licensed and published as wall art, home decor, and gifts

I also sell original paintings to collectors.

I live and work on a mini farm along with my family, friends, and many animal companions! I have a restored century old farmhouse and a very old, dusty, creaky big red barn that I adore. The barn houses horses, chickens, goats, cats, a bat colony, and every spring a new generation of barn swallows and bluebirds. When I'm not working on art, I spend time with my family and friends, putz around my garden, cook a little, read, and take in all the natural beauty here.

I enjoy painting what inspires me most; wildlife, landscapes, flowers, and nostalgic themes from my childhood.  I have a love of wistful times of night or day and places of solace. My intention with my artwork is to offer a dreamy escape and a timeless suspended moment of inspiration and beauty.


My process is a combination of being immersed in nature, filling my senses while sketching, making small studies, and taking photographs. In my studio I utilize these references for final compositions. I will combine elements from different settings or sometimes just recall a complete scene as I experienced it.


Paintings are primarily oil with elements of pastel, translucent papers, and gesso for added depth and texture. Oils, for me, have ability and a depth to seem lifelike and also very expressive with layers of softly blended colors, or aged textures that fully satisfy my choice of subjects in a cross between realism and impressionism. Pastel gives some exciting texture and highlights over the texture of the paint. I use 1/4" to 1/2" thick, birch wood panel as a substrate and each piece is finished with several coats of museum grade satin varnish.  


Thank you so much for visiting and sharing in what I have to offer here.

I hope that my artwork  resonates with you and brings you inspiration and happiness. 

Here are a few of my favorite things in no particular order:

Rainy days with my old sweater, books, and tea.

Spring flowers - especially lilacs. They remind me of my grandparents Victorian house.

The sound of little spring peepers filling the air with their song after the long quiet Winters here in Ohio. 

Warm breezy Summer nights, right after dusk when the fields are enchanted with fireflies.

A walk in a woods with a babbling creek just about any time of year - so therapeutic.

Fresh homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, and other veggies - Yum!

Anything Halloween and Fall related festivities - pumpkin patches, warm cider, leaves, spooky stories, chilly nights!

The smell of cool damp forest floors - especially after the leaves have fallen! Why does that smell sooooo earthy and good?

Tucked away by a cozy fireplace on a bitterly cold day with snow blustering across the pasture out back - especially if I don't have to go anywhere!

Sparkly shimmery glittery Yuletide decorations - there can NEVER be too much glitter!

Watching my horses get frisky and play in the mud in March after the snow and ice and finally melted!

Fairy lights, great smelling candles, ambient music, and a glass of  Honey Mead - yes please!

This list could go on and on - but if you enjoy some of these things too then we are definitely kindred spirits!  

However else you celebrate the feeling of home - I wish you all of it and more. 

With warm wishes,


Behind the Scenes!


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